Informing public policy

The TIAA Institute provides actionable, objective research and insights to inform policymakers and others who influence our nation’s financial security. Institute research is having a direct affect on matters relating to financial security and retirement. 


Also produced by the TIAA Institute, Insights features reports addressing prominent issues in financial security, higher education, and philanthropy. While typically written for a primarily non-technical audience, Insights are prepared using the same level of academic rigor found in our other research publications, and can serve as valuable sources of information for a diverse group of readers.

November 2022

So called “white label funds” are generically named after a broad asset class and include one or more underlying funds. How prevalent is this labelling in defined contribution plans? How does their presence affect investment behavior?

June 2022

Differences in wealth and income by race and ethnicity are well established. How do these differences affect retirement income security?

June 2022

How financial literacy varies among U.S. adults

Research Reports

Original research produced by the TIAA Institute—both independently and in collaboration with noted scholars—examines topics of interest to the academic, nonprofit and public sectors. The reports combine statistical findings with thoughtful, data-driven observations and conclusions to provide in-depth analyses that are informative and appropriate for both technical and more academic audiences.

October 2022

Are individuals with less understanding of personal finance concepts interested in financial education programs?

July 2022

Prior research suggests Covid-19 mortality has, in the U.S., disproportionately harmed those with low income, African Americans, and Hispanics. Have these groups’ subjective survival perceptions changed in a manner consistent with observed outcomes?

April 2022

How financial literacy varies among U.S. adults