April 2022

How financial literacy varies among U.S. adults

Financial literacy is knowledge and understanding that enable sound financial decision making and effective management of personal finances. An individual’s financial well-being depends, at least in part, on his or her financial literacy.

February 2022

The second wave of the Healthcare Sector Financial Wellness Survey provides an updated analysis of personal finances and financial well-being among full-time employees in hospitals and healthcare systems.

February 2022

Since many individuals are required to manage their own retirement portfolios, policy levers that aid in retirement planning and saving have become increasingly important.

February 2022

Since many households lack the ability to weather unexpected financial shocks, how has the pandemic thus far affected Americans’ financial stability?

February 2022

Over the past 40 years, household debt levels have risen substantially in the United States.

January 2022

Abundant economic and public policy data suggest that many Americans will struggle to maintain an adequate income in retirement.

November 2021

In 2006, the University of Iowa changed its retirement plan default investment from a money market fund to a target date fund—and the resulting effect on participant behavior was significant.

October 2021

Are U.S adults at all ages equipped to meet common financial challenges?

October 2021

If policymakers fail to act, Social Security benefits, which provide the largest portion of retirement income for many Americans, will be cut by about 25% starting in 2035.