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October 2016

Higher education’s dual mission of research and teaching position the sector to rapidly discover and deploy new processes for teaching and learning. However, resource constraints and traditional structures in higher education can pose major barriers.

March 2016

Leaders of America’s private liberal arts colleges are facing the future with optimism and a willingness to try innovative approaches while still preserving the essential missions of their institutions.

November 2015

A national survey suggests independent colleges are innovating, embracing change and feeling optimistic about the future—which is a far cry from the bleak portrayal in the popular media.

August 2015

Could an institution with a long history of risk taking and entrepreneurial decision making regain its creative momentum after being slowed by a stagnant economy and a need to conserve resources? Pepperdine University sought to find out.

November 2014

The environment for American higher education is rapidly evolving in ways that present both large challenges to the status quo and growing opportunities for responses to these challenges. Change in higher education generally has been slow to occur, however, despite pressures to do so.

October 2013

Technology is ushering in a new era for education, student success, and financial sustainability for both institutions and students.