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June 2016

Policymakers should be at least as interested in analyzing productivity in terms of student characteristics and geography as they are in the productivity of institutions relative to one another and over time.

October 2015

Employees and their families are increasingly responsible for their own financial security. At the same time, financial markets have become more complex, offering products that can be difficult to understand. Are Americans equipped to handle this new financial landscape?

August 2014

Hybrid retirement plans that combine the best features of defined benefit and defined contribution plans can provide an efficient and equitable method of ensuring retirement security for workers.

June 2009

Endowments are stocks of financial and real assets held by colleges and universities to generate income for current and future operations. Donors often place specific restrictions on the use of their gifts.

March 2008

Due to the aging of the baby boom generation retirement income has become a topic of widespread interest. Retirees want products that insure they will not outlive income, have some inflation protection, and at the same time maintain flexibility and control.

March 2005

Traditional U.S. and international equities performed well and domestic bonds performed poorly in fiscal 2004, thus rewarding college and university endowments with large allocations to the former and small allocations to the latter.

March 2005

Investment managers at the 2005 NACUBO Endowment Forum appeared grateful for the strong equity returns in fiscal 2004, but expressed little hope for a continuation of stellar performance going forward. Pundits said that U.S.

August 2002

Introduced in 1997, the U.S. Treasury Inflation-protected Securities market has grown to over $150 billion at the end of August 2002, which is about 6.0 percent of the market for publicly held U.S. Treasury Securities.

February 2001

Saving for college is a very important and challenging task for many American families.