Retirement Confidence

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August 2010

The hospital workforce was surveyed regarding retirement planning, saving and investing behavior, as well as confidence in their retirement income prospects. Hospital workers are more likely than U.S.

August 2010

The state and local government workforce is more confident regarding its prospects for a financially secure retirement than are American workers in general.

May 2010

The college and university workforce (faculty, administrators and other staff) was surveyed regarding its retirement planning, saving and investing behavior, and also its confidence across several dimensions of retirement preparations. Higher education employees are more likely than U.S.

September 2005

Issues regarding retirement planning and preparations among college and university faculty are of importance to both the faculty themselves and administrators of higher education institutions. Faculty have a self-interest in ensuring that they have a financially secure retirement.

June 2005

Over the past two decades, health care spending has tended to grow at twice the rate of overall economic growth. Today's seniors each spend, on average, more than $9,200 per year on health care costs.