The TIAA Institute supports research and thought leadership through its grants program.


Research grants: Filling important knowledge gaps

The TIAA Institute encourages its Fellows and other leading scholars to submit innovative research proposals pertaining to financial security and financial wellness, health care, and higher education. Check this page regularly for updates on RFPs and submission deadlines. You can also view our 2021 Request for Research Proposals to learn more about our topics of interest.

In 2021, we have chosen to fund the following future studies:

  • A Counter-Factual Framework for Affordable Human-Resource-Formation in STEM Using the Community College Sector as An Effective Entry Point (Manuel Canché, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Can State Policies Reduce Racial Disparities in Time-To-Degree? Evidence Of Dual Enrollment and Statewide Articulation in Georgia (George Spencer, University of Georgia)
  • Fixed And Variable Annuities in Defined Contribution Plans: Optimal Retirement Portfolios Taking Social Security into Account (Olivia Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania; Raimond Maurer and Vanya Horneff, Goethe University)
  • Development And Testing of a Comprehensive Financial Well-Being Measure (Annamaria Lusardi and Andrea Hasler, George Washington University)

Strategic Collaborations

The TIAA Institute collaborates with leading organizations to advance knowledge in its areas of focus. One of our longstanding partners is the Pension Research Council of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with which we fund research focused on the behavioral dimensions of financial wellness.