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Voices of Expertise & Experience: Insights to Inform Responses to COVID-19’s Impact on Financial Security and Higher Education

The TIAA Institute is publishing informed perspectives that may serve to guide strategic planning and decisions arising from the pandemic. The authors for a series of briefs –who are Institute Fellows, leading scholars and subject matter experts–draw from existing Institute research and subject matter expertise to share ideas and insights that inform innovative thinking and decision making as people around the nation focus on a path to both personal and institutional recovery. Other pieces that are longer are also included to bring forward expert voices tapped through Institute interviews and discussions with leading thinkers.

Covered topics include the effects on recent graduates, retirement savers, faculty retirement decisions, and how institutional leaders are confronting intensified operational and strategic challenges. New perspectives will be added throughout the year.

Read the briefs and other content linked below for insights on what higher education institutions and individuals need to consider when navigating responses to COVID-19’s risks and opportunities, and ways to promote financial security in the midst of increased market volatility and financial shocks.


The following briefs reflect on how the COVID-19 crisis might influence faculty retirement decisions and what institutions can do in response.

Can strategic alliances move higher education beyond its “Digital Dunkirk Moment” to build our next-generation learning infrastructure?

Michael K. Thomas, New England Board of Higher Education

How might faculty roles & engagements evolve in light of the global pandemic?

Adrianna J. Kezar, University of Southern California

What key considerations should guide redesigning the academic workforce?

Gregg Kvistad, University of Denver

How will COVID-19 affect faculty retirements?

Paul Yakoboski, TIAA Institute

Can the reluctant retiree phenomena be addressed?

Paul Yakoboski, TIAA Institute

How do faculty decide whether and when to retire?

Paul Yakoboski, TIAA Institute


These briefs consider how individuals prepare for, and navigate, financial shocks.

Are Americans financially resilient to weather COVID-19?

Paul Yakoboski, TIAA Institute

How will the pandemic affect Gen Y financial planning?

Conrad Ciccotello, University of Denver


- How can near-retirees limit the net worth impacts of COVID-19?

- How can participants effectively mitigate COVID-19 portfolio risk?