Karley A. Riffe

Karley Riffe

Karley A. Riffe

Doctoral Candidate
Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia

Karley A. Riffe is a doctoral candidate and research assistant within the University of Georgia’s Institute of Higher Education. Her research explores the interrelationships between higher education institutions, those who work within them, and the external environment as they affect institutional mission fulfillment. Specifically, her work examines the nature of faculty work and the changing academic profession within diverse institutional contexts. Riffe has presented her research at the annual meetings of both the Association for the Study of Higher Education and the American Educational Research Association. She currently serves as the Senior Graduate Student Representative for AERA Division J – Postsecondary Education and as a graduate assistant for the UGA Center for Teaching and Learning.



December 2017
Has increased use of contingent faculty led to real improvements in institutional performance? This report explores the strategic payoffs of a well-documented trend in academia.