James C. Hearn

James  C. Hearn photo

James C. Hearn

Professor of Higher Education; Associate Director, Institute of Higher Education
University of Georgia

James Hearn is professor and associate director in the University of Georgia's Institute of Higher Education. He also has taught at the University of Minnesota and Vanderbilt University. Before initiating his academic career, he worked as a financial analyst, higher education administrator, program research director, and policy analyst.

Hearn’s research and teaching focus on organization, policy, and finance in postsecondary education. His work has appeared in numerous sociology, education, and economics journals, as well as in several edited books. He earned his A.B. from Duke University, M.B.A. in finance from the University of Pennsylvania, and Ph.D. in the sociology of education from Stanford University.

Professional Achievements

  • Serves on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Higher Education and as consulting editor of Research in Higher Education.
  • Past recipient of the Distinguished Research Award of Division J of the American Educational Research Association.
  • Received the Excellence in Public Policy of Higher Education Award from the Association for the Study of Higher Education's Council on Public Policy in Higher Education.


October 2007
In contemporary college and universities, the “taken for granted” is shrinking.
February 2013
The use of non-tenure-track and part-time faculty in U.S. colleges and universities is on the rise, altering the composition of the academic workforce in fundamental ways.
August 2012
The faculty labor force in U.S. colleges and universities is increasingly off the tenure track and, often, working at less than full time. Aggregated data on this phenomenon mask significant differences in institutional commitments to these contingent forms of faculty employment.