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Gold CapTIAA Institute Higher Education Series: Understanding Academic Productivity

The TIAA Institute is proud to present the TIAA Institute Higher Education Series: Understanding Academic Productivity. The papers in this series support NACUBO’s Economic Models Project, which aims to provide colleges and universities with knowledge, ideas and tools to advance more sustainable economic models.

A Message from Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. and John D. Walda (PDF)

Conceptualizing and Measuring Productivity in U.S. Higher Education
July 2016
Christopher Mackie, Committee on National Statistics, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

The Public Good, Productivity and Purpose: New Economic Models for Higher Education
July 2016
Genevieve G. Shaker and William M. Plater, Indiana University

The Public Good, Productivity and Faculty Work: Individual Effort and Social Value
July 2016
Genevieve G. Shaker and William M. Plater, Indiana University

Course-Level Activity-Based Costing as an Academic and Financial Tool
July 2016
William F. Massy, Stanford University

The Limits of Institutional Measures for Assessing State, Regional and National Postsecondary Productivity
July 2016
Nate Johnson, Postsecondary Analytics, LLC

Featured Research

Taking the Measure of Faculty Diversity
Martin J. Finkelstein, Valerie Martin Conley and Jack H. Schuster

Latest Research from the Institute

Lifetime Income & Retirement Security 
Preference Checklists: Selective and Effective Choice Architecture for Retirement Decisions
June  2016
Eric Johnson, Columbia Business School, Columbia University, TIAA Institute Fellow, Kirstin Appelt, UBC Sauder School of Business, Melissa Knoll, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Jon Westfall, Delta State University

Lifetime Income & Retirement Security 
Achieving Retirement Income Security: A Comparison of Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit, Systematic Withdrawal and Partial Variable Annuity Strategies
May 2016
Benjamin Goodman, TIAA and David P. Richardson, TIAA Institute

Organizational Effectiveness 
Transitioning from the Presidency to Retirement: Advice from Presidential Retirees
May 2016
Stephen G. Pelletier, Association of Governing Boards

Lifetime Income & Retirement Security 
Advancing Financial Literacy, Capability and Well-Being Among Hispanics
May 2016
Paul Yakoboski, TIAA Institute

Organizational Effectiveness 
Strategic Change and Innovation in Independent Colleges: Nine Mission-Driven Campuses
April 2016
James C. Hearn, Jarrett B. Warshaw  and Erin B. Ciarimboli, University of Georgia Institute of Higher Education

Organizational Effectiveness 
Rethinking Faculty Models/Roles: An Emerging Consensus about Future Directions for the Professoriate
April 2016
Adrianna Kezar, University of Southern California, Elizabeth Holcombe, University of Southern California and Daniel Maxey, Santa Clara University

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Thought Leaders in Higher Education

 Paul Yakoboski

The vast majority of faculty are no longer tenured or tenure track This article  (PDF).   by Institute Senior Economist Paul Yakoboski, previously published in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, draws upon survey research to examine the experience of academics in adjunct faculty positions.

Thought Leaders in Financial Security

 Douglas Bernheim
Douglas Bernheim, Stanford University

 Jonathan Reuter
Jonathan Reuter, Boston College

 Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson, Columbia University

 Brigitte Madrian
Brigitte Madrian, Harvard University

 Bill Zumeta
Bill Zumeta, University of Washington

 Annamaria Lusardi
Annamaria Lusardi, The George Washington University

 Conrad Ciccotello
Conrad Ciccotello, Georgia State University