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Financial capability improves retirement outcomes

Financial literacy is as important as schooling in building wealth and retirement income. The TIAA Institute focuses on such issues as the importance of financial literacy, the financial literacy of all Americans, as well as special groups such as Hispanics, women and Gen Y. 

Learn about our new P-Fin Index here: TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance (P-Fin) Index: A New Measure of Financial Literacy.


February 2018

Procrastination keeps employees at the default contribution rate, but only in “opt-out” plans.

February 2018

Highly educated people with relatively high expected lifetime earnings are often assumed to have greater financial acumen than the general population. But is this a safe assumption?

December 2017

Economists typically gauge the value of financial education by examining how it affects consumer behaviors. But the best financial choices for consumers depend on a mix of objective facts and subjective judgments – and one size rarely fits all.

Research Reports

October 2015

Employees and their families are increasingly responsible for their own financial security. At the same time, financial markets have become more complex, offering products that can be difficult to understand. Are Americans equipped to handle this new financial landscape?

April 2015

Difficulty covering basic expenses and costly economic practices put many college-educated Hispanics in a fragile financial state.

September 2014

This paper undertakes an assessment of a rapidly growing body of economic research on financial literacy.